The 101 on American Made Work Boots: Where are yours made? Get the info you need.

Made in the USA

Did You Know You can Buy American Made Work Boots?

Whatever your reason for buying American made work boots (we would assume for patriotic reasons), you can be assured that a shoe built in this part of the world has a certain reputation when it comes to quality.

There are plenty of brands that you can scour through.

Some brands pride themselves on manufacturing in the USA while others would outsource this process using manufacturing plants in China, Taiwan, and other Far Eastern and South Asian countries.

As you can imagine, there are a number of Pros and Cons associated with buying American Made work boots.

Pros of American Made Work Boots

Nationalism and a sense of patriotism. As a proud American, you know that the footwear you are wearing was built by your fellow countrymen and women.

Support your local economy. By spending money on locally built shoes, you know that the money you spend stays in the country and in the pockets of fellow Americans.

Reduce your carbon footprint by buying or ‘sourcing’ locally.

Potential Drop in Quality of Foreign Made Boots – It’s also important to look at the information on the boots you buy.

While many companies are based in the U.S., this is not always a guarantee that the boots are MADE in the U.S.

Some companies will use manufacturers in Asia in order to cut costs – and that MAY potentially mean a drop in quality, too, although with a large brand name, you have very strict quality control guidelines.

Quick turnaround. A great feature of locally purchased boots made in America is that they can be delivered and shipped quickly.

Now just imagine if these were built in the Far East, these could take forever to arrive.

If you have ever tried to get a pair of boots that were made internationally, you know that there can always be delays.

This is because of the amount of shipping that has to be done in order to get them stocked at your favorite store or website.

When you find them made locally, they don’t have as far to go, so you never have to worry about seeing an out of stock sign…..unless you hit Christmas time of course 🙂

Heritage & Tradition – Its only natural that certain boots be made in the USA since this is part of the history of the nation.

For example, it just wouldn’t feel right if cowboy boots were made by a factory in the far east.

Although, the quality and results could be identical, just knowing that they were made by Americans FOR Americans just adds that extra bit of magic.

Cons of American Made Work Boots

Not everything smells of roses though. There are naturally some disadvantages or potential negative points you may want to consider when making an informed choice, these are;

Cost – Possibly one of the biggest disadvantages Vs shoes made abroad.

By utilizing lower costs abroad, this can be passed on to the customer.

Higher costs naturally mean the opposite. Some boots on the market can be upwards of $250. For example, a quality leather work boot that was designed with durability in mind.

Limitation on Variety – Another con of these kinds of boots is that you may not get a wide variety of materials.

In many instances, companies who want to have the American-made symbol will use materials that have been sourced locally from America, meaning that nothing imported will used.

If you were hoping for some durable Italian leather to cover your boots, chances are you won’t find it.

American might NOT always be Best – You will have to explore the reviews on your own to determine what boots fit within your price range and what you want to buy.

At the end of the day, if you are going to spend more on boots to say they were made in the United States, you have to be sure you are getting your money’s worth.

Well-made and American made are not always synonymous, so you have to read the reviews before jumping to conclusions and ordering boots that may not be worth it.

As for other cons, there really aren’t any we could think of.

Just a tip though, some footwear that claims to be made in the USA might only be put together in the USA but whereas all the other components are imported.

Do read the product description or take a look at the label for clarification.

Top Brands of American Made Work Boots

When you look at American made work boots, it’s important to check out the different brands. Once you are familiar with the brands that offer boots made in America, it can be a lot easier to narrow down the possibilities.

Some of the top brands include:

Carhartt and Red Wings are brands that do not build all their footwear in the US.

They have recently begun using manufacturing plants in China as a way to reduce the costs.

What this means is that the shoes aren’t 100% American but still put together here. However, saying that, they do have a specific range that focuses only on ‘Made in USA’ products so all is not lost.

This is also the case with Red Wing boots and other brands too.

Each brand of boots has unique selling points.

Carhartt is known for being a high-end boot that offers work-flex technology.

Their tag line is “pamper your feet with ruggedness.”

Wolverine boots all tend to look the same at first appearance but can be diverse in terms of selection and price.

Chippewa boots are handcrafted with modern durability.

Red Wings are designed for all industries and are considered excellent for safety.

Finally, there’s Danner, which is a brand that offers a number of styles for both white and blue collar jobs.

Compare all of the boots by brand. Those that are American made can be diverse, so it may take some time to figure out which ones work best for you.

How do you know you are buying American made work boots?

Look for the American flag as well as the words “made in the U.S.A.”

This will give you the confidence to know the boots are authentic and made right in the country.

Anything less than these two things and you may not be getting the boots you think you are, no matter what the brand is.

What is your favorite American based work boot brand?

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