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Can You Stretch Steel Toe Boots?

Yes, you CAN stretch steel toe boots Even if you have steel toe boots you’ll still be able to stretch them. There are many qualities of a work boot, the toe cap being just one of them. Although a steel toe certainly prevents reshaping that area, the

Can Composite Toe Boots Be Stretched?

Yes, Composite Boots Can Be Stretched. Composite toe boots are stretchable because they are often built with full-grain leather and solid construction that allow them to handle the pressure of being stretched. The toe cap style doesn’t have that much to do with whether or not a

How Do Steel Toe Boots Work?

Whether its a falling brick, hammer, or even a trailer that’s rolled over your toes, steel toe boots will aim to keep you safe.  I can say that in my years working in the trades, there were a couple times where I was shocked I wasn’t hurt

What is a Soft Toe Work Boot?

When talking about work boots many people assume that all work boots have protective toe caps.  This is not true, and there is an entirely different style of boot called a soft toe work boot.  They might look the same as their safety boot cousins, but soft