Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Soft Toe Boot Review: Is this the right safety footwear for you?

timerbland pro 55398 womens 6 inch titan soft toe boot
timerbland pro 55398 womens 6 inch titan soft toe boot right

One of the most interesting things about feminine footwear is a catchy design that matches the area of use and yet a functional make that eases movement.

These two factors relate directly to the Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Soft Toe Boot.

Its a rugged design suited for the outdoors that comes with a polyurethane interior, which brings an atmospheric aura to the feet of the user and thus minimizes sweating while at work.

The following are other essential facts about this shoe model that make it a must-have:

Pros of the Product

There are obvious advantages of using women’s steel toe boots, which feature their enhanced functions and advanced levels of comfort.

Particular mentions include:

  • A rugged construction, especially with high-quality rubber for the outer sole, which makes it perfect for work.
  • Polyurethane midsole ensures a lightweight boot.
  • Soft leather on the boot means less ‘break-in’ time. Although, many people suggest that there is literally no break-in time.
  • Offers slip-resistance and better traction for tough surfaces.
  • An attractive brown color that adapts to the environment of use of this well-designed footwear. They look very stylish and can be worn with jeans quite easily and still look good.
  • The shoe also comes with a flexible upper collar consisting of leather that is reinforced by metallic hooks. This increases compactness and flexibility as the user can tie and untie the hooks while fitting the shoe.
  • Being such well-cushioned footwear means additional support for those who have pains in their feet.
  • Keeps your feet cool in the summer when it can get very hot.
  • The pricing range is also flexible, meaning that the product is accessible on budget.

Cons of the Product

In as much as steel toe shoes for women are flexible, functional and comfortable, they, however, have a few disadvantages. These are nevertheless easy to overlook. The outstanding one includes:

  • They are not entirely waterproof. However, the compact construction consisting of three versatile materials, including leather, nylon and steel makes this shortcoming but a minor one. The fact is that they do not allow water inside though they are not completely moisture-resistant.
  • The shoes are about half a size bigger than your normal size. This isn’t really an issue as you can either order half a size smaller, purchase insoles or wear thicker socks.

Types of Materials

Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Toe Boot vaunts an enduring combination of two materials.

It merges the elasticity of rubber with the versatility of leather to make durable footwear for use in the exterior or in a workplace where safety is important.

Other special mentions about the shoe’s composition include:

  • The use of polyurethane that forms the inner sole to provide an airy aura for the user. A nylon composite that lends friction and rigid cohesion to the rest of the materials.
  • The external sole, on the other hand, consists of a strong rubber that increases traction and stability for the user. This material is also highly solid, which means that its anti-slippery level is also exemplary.

Thus, four major components, including nylon, leather, polyurethane and rubber combine to make this resilient footwear.

Construction and Design Features

The design of Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Toe Boot is what brings about the qualities of resistance and compactness.

Resistance lies in the strong rubber of the outer sole that creates firmness, while compactness lies in the combination of outer, inner and front materials with the following elements:

  • A soft toe with steel lining to enhance mobility. An adaptive inner sole that absorbs moisture, thus reducing the discomfort during a workday. The outer sole, on the other hand, is rigid enough to offer friction against oily surfaces, especially in working areas. This is a combination of the Timberland PRO Rubber and TiTAN Safety Toe technology.
  • The sizes of womens toe steel boots come in the medium designs of between 5 , 6 and 11 inches, as well as, the wide designs of the same sizes but with increased width allocation.

Technological Specifications

The technology that makes steel toe shoes for women is that of dynamism, which provides not only protective construction of the upper surfaces but the sole and interior sections.

Specific mentions about the technology include:

  • Outlast Adaptive Comfort, which is a technique for providing a similar effect as air conditioning in a shoe. It boosts the thermo-regulation qualities of the polyurethane inside the shoe. The Dryz Intellitemp technology also provides protection against bacteria especially for users who operate in pathogenic environments.
  • Electricity Hazard Protection: The footwear is ideal for overcoming electrical defaults due to their mainly non-metallic components like rubber and leather. They conform to the following safety standards; ANSI Z41PT99, ASTM F2412-11, ASTM 2413-11 and F2892-11.
  • In addition, they have high collars on the upper surfaces to offer protection for the shin and the calf of the leg during a busy work day. This incorporates the PowerFIt Comfort System Technology.

Thus, it is apparent that Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Toe Boot not only possesses basic technological stats that make it highly reliable in any hazardous working area, but comfortable to use courtesy of its interior polyurethane.

There is a great deal of technology that has gone into developing this work boot.

Fit and Size Particulars

timerbland pro 55398 womens 6 inch titan soft toe boot

Other than size, the most important feature of fitment in this particular footwear is the width and length of the toe.

Indeed, women’s steel toe boots come with the following toe specifications to create room for the human feet:

  • Toes that adhere to footwear safety guidelines to increase protection for the wearer. Toes that are wider, inside, than those of typical shoes so as to offer a relaxed feeling for the user.
  • The typical dimensions of women’s steel toe boots include the 6-inch, which is a medium size with a wide interior, to increase comfort.

Other external dimensions include:

  • The rubber heel that stands at 1 ¼ inches. The weight starts from 1 pound and 14 ounces, which makes the product compact and yet lightweight for the female user.

Budget-worthy Price

Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Toe Boot is highly accessible to a range of female users because of the fact that its pricing range boasts flexibility.

Facts about cost include:

  • A one-month comfort warranty, which takes account of such parts as the comfort of the soft toe and the polyurethane inner sole.

Thus, if looking for a protective yet designer shoe this season, then Timberland Pro 55398 Womens 6 Inch TiTAN Toe Boot is a perfect gift to select.

It is not just the upper parts with their padded leather, inner sections with their thermo-regulation material or outer section with its slip-resistant quality that makes this a great choice but the fact that it is accessible on budget.

The product is available in online stores, where there are manufacturer’s and consumers’ reviews.

This makes it possible to make a fair comparison on the best price, features and other buying parameters to go for during a purchase of this product.

The main positive thing we hear about these boots are the comfort even after wearing them all day and lack of break in time.

We are also impressed with the very few negative points about this shoe, even though we’ve really tried to find some.

As mentioned above, the main negative is the half a size small issue.


We would certainly recommend this boot for all the reasons mentioned above and are confident that you will be purchasing this product more than once.

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