Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot Review: Is this the Boot you’ve been looking for?

The need for sturdy and fashionable work boots has always been the major requirement for most working class people.

But even with all the facelifts, design tweaks and work boot reviews over the years to improve them, work boots did very little to meet up to the expectation of people.

Traditional work boots were either too uncomfortable to work in or in an attempt to make the shoes more durable, manufacturers managed to make the work boots unnecessarily heavy.

Even though the tough look of the boots made them extremely popular amongst people from every walk of life, the standard work boots did very little to integrate with everyday life.

In recent times popular shoe manufacturer Timberland, has managed to give the traditional work boots some much needed upgrade.

Converting traditional work boots into boots which not only look good, but also feel extremely light and comfortable. And the PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot, has evolved into one of the most popular boots from Timberland.

Which is why a thorough Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot Review is required, to get a better understanding as to what makes this boot amongst one of the best steel toe boots there is today.

The Positives

The Look

It goes without saying that the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot manages to hold on to the classic steel toe boot, even after all the noticeable design upgrades.

The high neck design of the traditional work boot was perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks anyone could face.

Preventing hassle free movement in heavy duty working conditions and quickly becoming a collection tank for debris, sweat and bacteria.

The ankle high length of the Timberland Pro is undoubtedly one of the best features of the boot, which makes it look good and a little more comfortable to work.

Allowing problem free movement and some much needed breathing room.

The Stitch

One of the most basic problem that most people faced with traditional work boots was with stitching.

Even though the material used for stitching was extremely durable, making the traditional work boots sturdy.

The tough working conditions in harsh environments and steel safety toe, often pushed the load on the stitching to the maximum.

Due to this unwanted stress on the work boot, the stitching was often the first to perish in traditional work boots.

The two by four, reinforced stitches used on essential joinings and sole, makes the Timberland PRO extremely durable and fit for almost any work condition and environment.

The reinforced stitching of the Timberland PRO does an excellent job of distributing the stress on the work boot evenly and if the original stitch gives away, the reinforced stitching does an excellent job of holding the work boot together.

The Weight

Weight was undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons as to why people turned away from work boots.

The high endurance leather, sole and steel toe did an excellent job of providing some much needed strength and safety in traditional work boot, but the excess weight also made the work boot unnecessarily heavy.

The excess weight of the work boots reduced flexible movements in tough working conditions and after a while, the boots simply became a burden.

By using light weight material for the body and the sole and by replacing the traditional steel toe with a light weight steel toe, the weight of the boot is reduced significantly, making it perfect for all working conditions.

The Sole

When work boots first came into existence, manufacturers made the insole hard to ensure the durability of the sole.

As the insole started to collect sweat and bacteria over time, the insole became weak until it finally gave away and exposed the hard ribbed base of the sole.

Not only the hard insole of traditional work boots caused severe foot pain, but extensive use could also lead to severe foot related disorders.

The rubber based insoles allows the foot to rest comfortably within the shoe, making movement extremely easy.

The nylon based contoured shock diffusion plate acts as a cushion for the arch of the foot, helping it relax and reducing pain.

The antimicrobial lining is another added feature within the Timberland PRO, which prevents the growth of bacteria and germs.

The Safety

As the traditional work boots had inbuilt steel toe, the work boot became extremely prone to accidental hazards like electrical shocks.

Even if the person wearing the steel toe boots received an electrical shock on top of the foot or anywhere in the body, the steel plating would actually amplify the electrical current, converting even the smallest of shock into fatal voltage bursts and the rubber sole actually prevented the electrical current from flowing into the ground.

The heat resistant rubber sole of the Timberland PRO does an excellent job of protecting people from any accidental wires they may step on and if the electrical hazard protection keeps the boot and steel toe from turning small electric shocks into giant megavolt shocks.


Timberland uses it’s 24/7 Comfort System which is an anti fatigue technology.  This reduces tiredness by cushioning and supporting the arch of the foot.

The Negatives

Tough Sole

The sole of the Timberland PRO is truly a lot better than those of traditional work boots, but when it comes to flat feet the same sole can end up being the killing factor.

The shock diffusion plate of the sole which is designed to provide maximum comfort to the arch of the foot, is actually the main factor which ends up causing maximum pain to the people with flat feet.

Another problem with Timberland PRO for people with flat feet is that, as the feet bend more while walking than people with curved feet, the head of the boot behind the steel toe becomes creased and the look of the work boot gets ruined.

But even with its share of problems for people with flat feet, orthodontic insoles or medicated soft soles can be placed in by removing the shock diffusion plates.

Which can provide some much needed comfort to people with flat feet.

Stiff Body

Similar to traditional work boots the body of the Timberland PRO is a little stiff compared to other shoes, which can make the work boots uncomfortable.

Originally designed to provide some much needed protection against heavy objects being accidentally dropped, the stiff feel of the steel toe boot can become overwhelming at times.

But as the work boots get a little older, the stiff feel of the steel toe boot reduces significantly.

Which is why it is always best to keep the shoes out of the box and expose it to sunlight for a couple of days, if the stiffness is a bother for you.

With all its positives and negatives, the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot is truly one of those boots which comes as a much needed refreshment from traditional steel toe work boots.

If you want to experience the pure, uncorrupted beauty of work boots or simply need a rugged work boot, the Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe Boot is surely worth the look.

Certainly, a boot that we would recommend.

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss 6 Inch Steel Toe
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